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The saddlery was introduced by the Spaniards and is the art of making articles of cavalry and leather charreria. The craft workshops had their peak in the colonial era. Nowadays, these craft workshops are concentrated in the north of the country.
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Carlos Espejel, comments that "the Mexican toy has three essential characteristics: color, ingenuity and ingenuity; for its manufacture the materials that the artisan has at hand are used: mud, wood, palm, etc. It is for the foregoing that in almost all artisan production centers in Mexico toy is...
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The origin and meaning of the ethnic wixárika is an enigma in which there are no agreements between the different studies, among their meanings, some are listed as healers, farmers and feather, among others.
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Tigers with wings, dragons with fish tails or grasshoppers with the face of an owl, everything is allowed when making an alebrije. They are handmade figures made of paper or wood that, in the words of the Mexicans themselves, represent part of their culture and identity. Magical and mystical...
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Mexican glass crafts appear in Puebla in 1542, and bottles were only made for packaging. In the seventeenth century the waxed canvases that covered the openings of the wooden windows with glass made in Mexico began to be replaced, and it was until the independence time when a family of French...