Carlos Espejel, comments that "the Mexican toy has three essential characteristics: color, ingenuity and ingenuity; for its manufacture the materials that the artisan has at hand are used: mud, wood, palm, etc. It is for the foregoing that in almost all artisan production centers in Mexico toy is produced. Since pre-Hispanic times, indigenous peoples were engaged in making toys, from an anthropological point of view, play and toys are as old as man himself. A clear example are the tombs and places where the Mexica lived, since they have found toys and miniature figures used by children, very similar to the objects of adults who had religious purposes, ceremonial and war. In Mexico we know two types of traditional or popular toys: those that make all year and those that are made especially to commemorate some traditional festivities such as Christmas, Corpus Thursday, Day of the Dead, Saturday of glory, etc. Generally the artisans do not have equipped workshops, regularly work in the yards and corridors of their homes. They work wood with very simple instruments.

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