Mexican glass crafts appear in Puebla in 1542, and bottles were only made for packaging. In the seventeenth century the waxed canvases that covered the openings of the wooden windows with glass made in Mexico began to be replaced, and it was until the independence time when a family of French origin had the first glass factory in Guadalajara, there was where Don Camilo Ávalos Razo was formed. This artisan established a large center of Mexican glass crafts with works of such artistic sense that have been recognized worldwide. Currently, glass, in different techniques, but mainly blown, has allowed to have an idea of ​​delicacy, expertise and creativity in the handling of this material. Today there are few factories that are engaged in the production and marketing of glass.  Blown glass is manufactured in Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Tonalá. 

Jalisco Puebla

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